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(artfilm / musicvideo; 2 min; in cooperation with ORF)


Robert Schumann – Heinrich Heine – A Gothic wedding.

Hans and Grete dance around

and cheer with loud joy.

Peter stands so still and mute,

and is as pale as chalk.

Hans and Grete are bride and groom,

flashing in their wedding clothes.

Poor Peter bites his nails

and goes about in workday clothes.

Peter speaks softly to himself,

gazing gloomily at the pair:

Ah, if I weren't so sensible,

I might do myself harm.

Actors | Uwe Dreysel, Christoph Hildmann, Rebecca Brunner, Michael Neulinger

Producer | Rudi Takacs

DoP | Alexander Dirninger

Editor | Matthias Writze

Art Director | Ina Chrudina

Kostüm | Nadine Schratzberger

Maske | Bianca Wassmann


Text | Heinrich Heine

Music | Robert Schumann

Singer | Daniel Foki

- 22nd Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival (Bristol, UK) September 2016

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